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Adam: Aloe Ferox Adam capsules are good for the general well-being of men and may be beneficial for sexual vitality and the wellness of the prostate. The herbs contain plant chemicals that benefit hormone harmony, are favourable for proper blood circulation, are good for the wellness of reproductive organs and may influence emotional calmness.

60 capsules for £13.50
Product code: AD001


Eva: Aloe Ferox Eva tablets are for the general well-being of women. These tablets contain plant chemicals that are beneficial for the well-being of the reproductive organs as well as the bladder, are beneficial for menstrual well-being, hormonal harmony, menopause and emotional balance. 

60 capsules for £11.50
Product code: EV001

Fabulous Fibre Bitter* OUT OF STOCK *

Fabulous Fibre Bitter: Aloe Ferox Fabulous Fiber Bitter tablets/capsules contain dried, bitter sap and powdered whole aloe ferox leaf. Fibre rich aloe ferox leaves contain a vast amount of nutrients and medicinal properties that support the well-being of the body. Aloe ferox bitters is traditionally used for the beneficial effect it has on constipation, eczema, pain from arthritis and high blood pressure. Good for detoxifying.

90 tablets for £9.75
Product code: FFBT001

90 capsules for £9.75
Product code: FFBC001

Whole leaf juice* OUT OF STOCK *

Aloe Juice Concentrate: Aloe Ferox Juice is a nutrient-rich drink that helps maintain vitality. Aloe Ferox Juice is manufactured from the white fresh gel of the aloe leaf, where the plant stores its excess nutrients and medicinal agents. Aloe Ferox Juice contains plant chemicals that are digestion friendly, favourable for the immune system and favourable for blood sugar levels. Aloe Ferox Juice contains no bitter sap.

500ml for £8.50
Product code: WLJ001

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